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With rich product lines and increasing products, some dealers shared their feedback that it was more difficult to find some similar products though our product lines became rich. Thanks to their feedback, we made a deeper reflection. Our original intention is to make it easier to buy sexy clothes, but now it becomes difficult. Hence, if we don’t make any changes, even our regular customers will not find the products, let alone the new customers. 

Therefore, we added featured topic hot collections on after we listened modestly to a few regular customers’ feedback and referred to some activity promoting topics on the international mainstream e-commerce platforms in October 2015. To begin with, we set up 
Dresses 50% Off featured topic hot collection. 

As fashion women clothes are fast moving customer goods and quickly renewed goods, there might be some unsalable products, most of which were hot-sale products before. Then we started to increase production, increased production and inventory. But it’s not that easy to predict the fashion trends, some products are sold out of stock, others become unsalable products. These unsalable products can’t still pile up in the warehouse, surely? 

So we take a clearance deal and set up a big sale at 50% discount. And the featured topic---Dresses 50% Off then occurred. In this Dresses 50% Off featured topic hot collection, we also subdivide these dresses. The subdivide result is shown on the left navigation tab, such as lace dresses, mini dresses, party dresses, bodycon dresses, midi dresses, OL dresses, corset dresses, long sleeve dresses and some cosplay dresses and dresses accessories. Customers can click the tab which will locate and jump to the products lists quickly.


After the introduction of the Dresses 50% Off featured topic hot collection, we get a good customers’ response. On one hand, customers buy the high quality fashion dresses with affordable prices. On the other hand, we reduce the pressure on the stock and improve customers’ experience. It is just a win-win-win. 

Therefore, will continue to introduce different featured topic hot collections, based on different shopping season, different product attributes and different fashion trends. Welcome to pay attention to these hot collections shown at the bottom of the left navigation. Don’t miss it. Thank you!

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